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Massage Therapy By Nim Ekgasit

Trigger Point Therapy, Therapeutic,

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage


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Our modern American lives are typically fast-paced and stressful. We often don’t even recognize the toll this is taking on our bodies. It’s easy to lose sight of the measures necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a result, many of us go through our daily routines with pain, tension and stiffness related to work stress, repetitive movement, poor posture, muscle imbalance and joint disorders. 

The benefits of therapeutic massage are that it provides a proven and effective means of preventing and managing the pains and stress brought on by our daily activities, medical conditions, accidents or sports injuries.  We owe it to ourselves to value our bodies and to recognize their needs.  I would welcome the opportunity as a massage therapist to help you enhance your quality of life and to restore your body to its natural balance.